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Our tech-focused advisors help founders and funders alike navigate legal complexities with a commercial-first mindset.

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Alexis Savini

I advise high growth technology companies in general formation, venture capital and private equity financings, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Clients I've worked with: Dataiku | Jasper AI | Watershed | Sourcegraph | Casetext

Contact me Managing Associate, Silicon Valley [email protected] +1 650 614 7453
  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

    The risks founders take to solve problems and effect change.

  • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

    There's no better area of corporate law to practice in my opinion - the clients are all working on exciting things, and you get to see the whole journey from incorporation to exit!

  • What is your ideal weekend?

    A book, a hike and a beach!

  • If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?


    Chapin Scaggs

    Having grown up in Fort Kent, Maine, a town of ~3,000 at the top of the continental US (and end of Route 1), I never dreamt I'd be working with entrepreneurs and investors—it wasn't even something we were tangentially aware of. Years later, after graduating from University of Maine and later Vanderbilt Law School, I returned to the closest city to my family and friends in Maine, landing in Boston. My experience has covered a wide array of sectors and practices, from capital markets, lending, private equity and venture backed financings, to first-in-kind renewables, energy and infrastructure deals. It's an opportunity every day to be working with entrepreneurs and investors to bridge gaps and help usher in positive, progressive outcomes across sectors.

    Clients I've worked with: Aledade | Dusty Robotics | Noya PBC | Ladder Financial | Fifth Wall

    Contact me Managing Associate, Boston [email protected] +1 617 880 2244
    • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

      The ability to support founders in their journeys from the onset. Founder paths aren't all identical and, in fact, the individualistic nature of each gives us, as counsel, the chance to learn more about the goals of the company by way of gaining a personal relationship with those that created it.

    • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

      Before coming to Orrick, I had little knowledge of what an "emerging companies and venture capital lawyer" was, other than that it was fast paced, with lots of client contact. While both those facts are true, I've come to appreciate the greater picture of the field—we're supporting our clients as they create technology that advances progression across sectors, creates jobs and inspires others to do the same in their space.

    • Where do you find inspiration in life?

      In the little things of the present moment, particularly when those moments are outdoors in nature.

    • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

      Mixed bag, either go full ski bum, or work on creating my own startup.

    • What is your ideal weekend?

      Taking our camper to the ski slopes with my wife and daughter, skiing some early morning laps, and then catching après with friends and family.

      Sarah Schaedler

      Sarah Schaedler

      I am a transactional attorney with a passion for innovation. I provide clients with contractual solutions for their key IP and technology assets at all stages in the IP life cycle, but in particular in connection with complex corporate transactions/M&A where IP is a key value driver.

      Clients I've worked with: Turn/River | Workday | Aptean | Pitney Bowes | Zynga

      Contact me Partner, San Francisco [email protected] +1 415 773 5474
      • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

        It is extremely inspiring to work with visionaries who are looking to augment people's day to day through cutting edge technology. Collaborating with tech company clients allows me to connect with innovation at a deeper level.

      • Where do you find inspiration in life?

        San Francisco in itself is an inspiration to me. It is a unique environment that evokes new ideas every day and catapults innovators to the next level. It is a city with history, grid and vision.

      • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

        I would love to buy "fixer-uppers" in urban environments and bring them back to life and give them new purpose.

      • Tell us about a favorite book, work of art or piece of music.

        Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" at the MoMA in San Francisco is an art work that touched me deeply recently.


        Jay Schau

        I counsel startups and venture capital investors on financings, corporate governance and various other transactions. For our start-up clients, I act as an outside general counsel and work with our Orrick teams to provide guidance on many other topics including employment issues, compensation, privacy, intellectual property and more. I work with clients across industries and growth stages, with significant experience working with artificial intelligence companies.

        Clients I've worked with: Anthropic | Taut AI | Mux | KloudFuse | Marcy Venture Partners

        Contact me Senior Associate, San Francisco [email protected] +1 415 773 5884
        • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

          I love guiding founders and investors through the complexities of the legal world to help them create the future.

        • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

          I would be an economics professor.

        • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

          I worked at a family ice cream store every summer from age 8 to 19.

        • What is your ideal weekend?

          Attending a concert of one of my favorite bands.


          David Schulman

          I'm a Life Sciences lawyer who provides strategic guidance on transactions involving public and private mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, strategic alliances, licenses, capital markets, royalty and revenue-sharing and other financings for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and financial sponsors. I'm based in Washington, DC and, at my prior firm, was based in London, England.

          Clients I've worked with: Ferring Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) | BioAtla (USA) | Sosei Heptares (Japan and UK) | Adocia (France) | Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals (USA)

          Contact me Partner, Washington, D.C. [email protected]
          • Tell us about one of your mentors.

            Best mentor I ever had is a leading M&A/private equity lawyer who, not surprisingly, was a very successful equity investor in his own right and could have run any number of investment banks. In addition to being one of the most analytical, numerate negotiators I have ever seen, he had a gift for “dumbing” things down into actionable plans: the goal on every deal was to develop unexpected alternatives for the client. After one particularly difficult deal where he found a compromise no one else saw, we joked that his tombstone should read: Here lies X. He ran out of alternatives.” He is a practiced listener who continues to outperform expectations by generating options. When things seem difficult, his uncommon pursuit of Plan Bs inspires me.

          • Where do you find inspiration in life?

            I like to read history and biographies, especially stories where the protagonists are expected to fail and then don’t.

          • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

            I have dual citizenship (US and UK).

          • What technology are you most excited to see develop?

            Immunotherapy where the body’s immune system is leveraged to fight disease.

            Ilona Schutz

            Ilona Schütz

            I advise on venture capital transactions, as well as founders in all phases of development. When working with clients, I pay special attention to providing them with efficient and pragmatic advice that offers them appropriate support at all stages of growth. I have special experience in spin-offs from the university environment, restructurings and employee-ownership programs (ESOPs, VSOPs).

            Clients I've worked with: Voltfang | ANTICIPATE | United Manufacturing Hub | Proxima Fusion | BioThrust

            Contact me Managing Associate, Düsseldorf [email protected] +49 211 3678 7117
            • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

              In today's world, there are many problems for which tech companies can be part of the solution. Many tech companies have a global reach and can have a significant impact on society. Whether it's creating products that improve people's lives or addressing pressing global issues. They are also often at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

            • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

              I am drawn to the world of emerging companies and startups because I am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. I find it inspiring to work with early stage companies and help them navigate their legal complexities. I enjoy the intellectual challenge of the field, as it often involves complex legal structures. It's also a lot of fun because the founders are often personally involved and we can solve complex issues directly and quickly.

            • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

              I have been a soccer referee (for both men's and women's soccer games) for a very long time.

            • If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

              Time Manipulation (the ability to slow time down or speed it up, allowing more time to be spent supporting and helping those in need).

            • What's the best advice you've ever received?

              You can sleep when you're dead.


              Niki Shah

              I represent high-growth companies and investors across a broad range of industries, including AI, consumer internet, software, edtech, fintech, space, and healthtech. Before joining Orrick, I served as the Associate General Counsel at MasterClass, where I provided legal and strategic counsel on corporate and equity matters, BD and partnerships, product development, content and production, marketing, IP, and data privacy. Leveraging a unique professional background, I am a trusted advisor to founders and the “first call” as outside general counsel to startups, from formation to exit.

              • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

                It’s inspiring to help entrepreneurs and investors navigate legal challenges and find creative solutions as they build, grow and scale innovative and world-changing ideas.

              • If you weren’t a tech lawyer, what would you do?

                I would start my own company (likely in the consumer, edtech or maternal health space).

              • Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you.

                I played mallet percussion (4 mallets at the same time) in high school and marched cymbals at UCLA. Go Bruins!

              • What technology are you most excited to see develop?

                AI; legaltech; space technologies; and advances technologies improving maternal healthcare.

              • What is your ideal weekend?

                Sunny days, good eats and adventuring with my daughters.

              • What’s the best advice you ever received?

                Be yourself. Never stop learning and growing. Take risks. Give back and pay it forward.

                Alexander Smith

                Alexander Smith

                I advise growth stage companies and investors on early-stage financing rounds and related exits. In addition to straight equity financings, I frequently work on convertible instruments and venture debt warrants, which I find particularly interesting due to their technical nature.

                Clients I've worked with: Atomico | Warburg Pincus | Investec | Griffin Bank Ltd | 9Fin Limited

                Contact me Senior Associate, London [email protected] +44 20 7862 4794
                • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

                  Exciting founders pushing the boundaries in cutting edge sectors.

                • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

                  A ski instructor (albeit not a very good one!)

                • What do you consider the best innovation since the internet?

                  Google Maps and Uber. I use both on a daily basis.

                • What is your ideal weekend?

                  It involves a hike, a pub lunch and the seaside - simple pleasures.


                  Christopher Sprado

                  I am a TCG Partner in Orrick's Dusseldorf office in Germany. I have a special focus on cross-border tech M&A (buy- and sell-side), complex corporate reorganizations (including mergers, spin-offs and company transformations) as well as late-stage VC and growth equity financings.

                  Clients I've worked with: Coatue Management | Deel, Inc. | Luxempart

                  Contact me Partner, Düsseldorf [email protected] +49 211 3678 7266
                  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

                    Orrick provides the perfect platform to work together with the most innovative and disruptive companies in the global tech market. Working together with these companies provides the opportunity to work together with extremely inspiring, intelligent, and hard-working people.

                  • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

                    I am passionate about advising emerging companies through all stages of growth as it allows me to not only advise on corporate law aspects or on M&A or financing projects but it requires a more “holistic” approach helping clients with respect to all kinds of legal matters, almost serving as an “outside general counsel”.

                  • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

                    As I have already spent my early youth reading John Grisham novels and always wanted to become a lawyer, I would probably still be in the legal industry in another position if I wasn’t a tech lawyer.

                  • What is your ideal weekend?

                    Spending some “offline time” with my family, ideally in combination with my other two passions which are travelling and any kind of sports (hoping I will be successful in getting my young kids enthusiastic about playing golf as well).

                    Ylan Steiner

                    I am a highly regarded strategic advisor, acting across private equity investing and specialising in venture and growth capital transactions for both companies and later-stage investors, including a full range of related exits.

                    Clinets I've worked with: Vitruvian Partners | Currency Cloud | MFS Africa | Hopin | Warburg Pincus

                    • What inspired you to become emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

                      I started my career with an anorak as a software engineer, so when I shifted to law, I was always going to leverage off my passion for technology and innovation.

                    • Tell us about a favorite client or project.

                      It was a real career highlight to support the Currency Cloud from Series A financing in 2011 through 10 years of legal services including four further funding rounds and ultimately its £700m sale to VISA. The connection to the exceptional Currency Cloud team was the cherry on top.

                    • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

                      I am Zimbabwean born and bred, and qualified to represent my country in table tennis at the junior Olympics.

                    • What is your ideal weekend?

                      Family, friends, good food, good music and a game of padel (which I win).

                    • If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

                      To clone myself: I would love to be able to dedicate an extra bit of time to each of the activities taking up my day - there never seems enough time to do each one fully.