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Our tech-focused advisors help founders and funders alike navigate legal complexities with a commercial-first mindset.

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Mitch Zuklie

Mitch Zuklie

I love underdogs. I seek out people who tackle hard problems with integrity, persistence and creativity. For more than 25 years, I have represented high-growth technology companies and their investors. I have served on, and counseled, the Boards of many impactful companies — public, private, for-profit and non-profit. I have led legal teams that have successfully completed hundreds of financings (seed, VC and PE), public offerings and numerous mergers, acquisitions and other strategic transactions. For more than a decade, I have been the CEO of a multinational business. I will use this experience to deliver practical solutions to your legal and business problems.

Some of my clients have included: Fisker | Nest | Luminar | Virta | Planet Labs | Oracle | Vertica | Sequoia Capital | Bessemer Venture Partners | KPCB | Symphony

Contact me Orrick Chairman, Silicon Valley [email protected] +1 650 614 7649
  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

    It’s incredibly hard to create, grow and sustain a successful tech company. Each must overcome technology, financial, operational and market risks. I love working with people who are committed to this fight, and who are able to adapt to overcome challenges.

  • What's the best advice you've ever received?


  • What's your mantra?

    Leave things better than you found them.

    Abby Zwick

    Abby Zwick

    I advise high-growth companies and venture capital investors on general corporate/securities law matters and a broad range of financing transactions. I have a background in fintech and financial regulation.

    Clients I've worked with: Go1 | K5 Global | Weights & Biases | Wholechain

    Contact me Associate, New York [email protected] +1 212 506 5090
    • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

      Many aspects of this practice were exciting to me, but one source of inspiration was my time working on fintech matters at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. I always enjoyed meeting founders at industry events and having the chance to learn about different business models and their unique strategic challenges.

    • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

      Their drive and commitment to building something new, particularly when the market has not yet recognized their potential.

    • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

      My family’s work in independent film has given me some exposure to IP issues in the film and music industries. I think that would be an interesting area of law to practice.

    • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

      I was once featured on a Korean TV show teaching stand-up paddleboarding.