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Our tech-focused advisors help founders and funders alike navigate legal complexities with a commercial-first mindset.

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Ellen Ehrenprreis

Ellen Ehrenpreis

I'm a thinker and a doer. I love to wrestle with problems big and small and devise action plans focused on practical solutions. I bring more than 25 years of experience in the high-growth tech ecosystem. My approach is driven by my experiences as both company founder and consumer of legal services, by my early years as a litigator, and by diverse experiences advising businesses at every stage, along with the executives, investors and advisors involved in those businesses. And at the end of the day, my goal is to deliver solutions at the intersection of good business judgment, common sense and the law. I am passionate about working with clients striving to make a positive impact in the world.

Clients I've worked with: Watershed | Certa | Mitra Chem | Sierra Space | Eversight | Threshold Ventures | iNovia Capital | TDK Ventures | Valor Equity Partners | Emerson Collective

Contact me Partner, Silicon Valley [email protected] +1 650 614 7636
  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

    The art of the possible!

  • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyers?

    The opportunity to collaborate with super talented, inspiring and innovative founders and investors to advance new technologies and businesses driving positive change in the world!

  • Where do you find inspiration in life?

    Nature: Because it serves as a constant reminder of the infinite beauty and resilience of our world. The ocean: Because its majesty and strength inspire me to keep in mind that anything is possible. My family: Because they challenge me to be better and remind me that nothing is more important than cherishing the people you love.

  • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

    I am an identical twin!

  • What's your mantra?

    The path to success is best navigated by always prioritizing preparation, confidence and common sense.

    Andrew Erskine

    Andrew Erskine

    I am a strategic advisor to founders and investors in the world's most valuable private technology companies. Working closely with their teams from the earliest stages, I have advised numerous tech unicorns on matters ranging from daily operations to commercial strategy to fundraising and growth. I leverage a unique professional background and skill set as well as the premiere, full suite of services of a global law firm to devise creative, business-minded solutions for my clients.

    Clients I've worked with: Clutter | Upstart | Nest Labs | Founders Fund | Andreessen Horowitz

    Contact me Partner, Los Angeles [email protected] +1 310 633 2801
    • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

      Working with technical founders who are trying to do something absurdly difficult and meaningful, I know that when they call me, they already have tens if not hundreds of other challenges they are facing. They aren't calling me so that I can clarify yet another problem, and give them options for how to handle it. In those moments, they need a partner they can rely on -- someone who is decisive, someone who will solve problems they either don't know how or don't have time to solve -- so that they can keep building. Being given that level of trust, by the world's greatest innovators, is why I won't ever quit doing this job.

    • Where do you find inspiration in life?

      I make a concerted effort to spend meaningful time each day in nature. Silence and space, at scale, can unlock a lot.

    • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

      I have a background in finance and before I joined Orrick, I'd always planned to move from the law into investing, and had I not ended up practicing this specific type of law, I'd likely have ended up in a venture fund, figuring out how to fund and help the same companies I help now another way.

    • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

      I grew up the youngest of six kids -- life in the house was trial by fire.

    • What technology are you most excited to see develop?

      We are still so early in the AI revolution, but I cannot wait to see how different the world of medicine will look to my kids as a result.