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Our tech-focused advisors help founders and funders alike navigate legal complexities with a commercial-first mindset.

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Flavio Notari

My dedication lies in fueling entrepreneurial innovation. I have a genuine enthusiasm for delving into the intricate world of the tech industry, both as an educator and as an advisor. With my extensive knowledge of taxation (being an Italian Certified Accountant and Statutory Auditor), and my "business-forward" mindset, I discover fulfillment in facilitating venture capital investments and M&A transactions within the tech sphere. These endeavors often demand a substantial arsenal of creative problem-solving skills.

Clients I've worked with: Invitalia SpA | Keyless Technologies Ltd | Medical Microelectronics Inc | Redev Enterprises Ltd | Translated Srl

Contact me Head of Tax for Technology Companies, Milan and Rome [email protected] +39 06 4521 3974
  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

    Tech entrepreneurs are naturally wired to be proactive troubleshooters, a quality I wholeheartedly embrace. We also share an optimistic outlook and a relentless pursuit of streamlined and impactful communication. These shared traits enable me to be exceptionally responsive to their requirements, while also nurturing robust personal bonds.

  • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

    I have always found the art of connecting with individuals, all in the name of cultivating shared wisdom, incredibly invigorating. Upon my initial foray into the tech scene, I quickly discerned the limitless possibilities that lay ahead. I recognized my role in facilitating connections that could be a game-changer for startups and SMEs as they embark on their expansion journeys.

  • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

    If I weren't a tech advisor, I would embark on a journey that combines my passion for technology and my desire to make a positive impact on the world. I'd likely explore the realm of technology entrepreneurship, striving to innovate and create solutions that address pressing global challenges.

  • What is your ideal weekend?

    My ideal weekend is a harmonious blend of relaxation and exploration. A balance between personal relaxation and meaningful connections, ensuring that I recharge while also nurturing my passions and relationships.

  • What's your mantra?

    I thrive when I'm a valuable member of a productive and successful team.