Our Clients

From founders ideating and developing novel strategies to high-growth tech companies that have become household names, our clients include thousands of venture-backed companies, hundreds of unicorns, some of the largest public tech companies and numerous private investors. These are their stories.

The Startup Journey: 7 Questions for Sujay Tyle, Co-Founder & CEO of Merama

Sujay Tyle is the co-founder and CEO of Merama, an online group of brands in Latin America. He also is the founder and former CEO of Frontier Car Group. Here is the conversation between Sujay and Orrick Partner Samir Bakhru.

Deel: Helping Companies Navigate a Changing Global Employment Landscape

The rise of remote work raises a dizzying array of questions for startup founders and workers. Consider an early-stage company in the U.S. that wants to hire in Italy – but has no offices in Europe. How can it comply with employments laws and regulations there?

A View From Venture Capital: Insights From an Early Stage Investor

A venture capital firm focused on early stage companies, XFund supports university-backed founders, including those without a traditional tech background. Patrick Chung, XFund managing general partner, shared venture capital insights and tips for founders in a conversation with Orrick Partner Mike Sullivan.