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Our tech-focused advisors help founders and funders alike navigate legal complexities with a commercial-first mindset.

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Stephen Tallon

I specialise in working with companies looking to build exciting new businesses and the investors that back them. I'm focused on providing innovative and pragmatic advice to my clients, adding strategic perspectives on top of market leading leading advice.

Clients I've worked with: Stripe | Butternut Box | Graphcore | Salesforce Ventures | ABN AMRO Ventures

Contact me Senior Associate, London [email protected] +44 20 7862 4814
  • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

    I am consistently struck by the optimism, innovation and excitement that tech companies produce. It is exciting to work with interesting people solving some of the most complex (and fun) problems in the world.

  • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

    Starting out in my legal career, I was lucky enough to get exposed to some of the world's leading startups and tech companies. I was amazed by the way in which founders could identify a problem, come up with an innovative solution, bring that idea to life, get people excited about their business and grow it into something meaningful.

  • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

    Professional Wine Enthusiast! I love to travel to different wine regions, learning about the history and personal stories behind each bottle of wine in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

  • What technology are you most excited to see develop?

    AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way in which we live our daily lives, however, I am most excited to see how spatial computing develops over the coming years. I think it is an exciting sector with many applications across training, entertainment, business and other areas.

  • What's the best advice you've ever received?

    There is always another way to look at a problem - you may not be able to see it but others might, so surround yourself with good people that you trust and ask for help when you need it.

    Perry Teicher

    Perry Teicher

    I provide strategic legal advice to mission-driven companies and investors seeking to address critical environmental and social challenges. I enjoy collaboratively working with clients to proactively design solutions.

    Clients I've worked with: BlueMark | Atlas Materials | Wholechain | DRK Foundation | Colorful Capital

    Contact me Impact Finance Counsel, New York [email protected] +1 212 506 5253
    • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

      Supporting those striving to achieve their vision at scale.

    • What inspired you to become an emerging companies and venture capital lawyer?

      Before becoming a lawyer, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan. I worked with a visionary founder who had the goal to create a community in which people with disabilities could lead mobile and independent lives. Having the opportunity to be a part of that journey was inspiring and challenged me to support others driving profound change.

    • What is your ideal weekend?

      Kayaking along the coast in Downeast Maine.

    • Tell us about a favorite book, work of art or piece of music?

      A Constellation of Vital Phenomena - a haunting story of war and its echoes.

      Stephen Thau

      Stephen Thau

      I am a counselor to companies and entrepreneurs, helping them navigate issues around company formation, governance, financing and strategic transactions. My academic background is in biology and I enjoy working with companies in life sciences and medical technologies, but I'm also a geek at heart and enjoy working with companies in other areas, like quantum computing and AI. Technology companies always have ups and downs, and I bring a common sense approach and years of experience to help clients reach their goals.

      Clients I've worked with: Catalyst Biosciences | Hinge Bio | Neuspera Medical | Aledade

      Contact me Partner, New York [email protected] +1 212 506 5076
      • Tell us about one of your mentors.

        I am one of the Orrick attorneys who was fortunate to work with Craig Johnson, who founded Venture Law Group in the early 90s. Craig was a great business-savvy lawyer and a fabulous networker. He was also kind and emphasized fairness and egalitarianism. He taught many of us how to be excellent technology lawyers, and showed that you can excel and succeed while helping to support and advance everyone around you.

      • What is your ideal weekend?

        A long bike ride and a good meal with friends and/or family.

      • Tell us about a favorite book, work of art or piece of music.

        One of my favorite books is A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It's an epic story about India's independence and partition, with lots about politics and economics of the time, interlaced with a family story about wonderfully drawn characters trying to find happiness. Seth is a virtuoso with language (see also his novel A Golden Gate, written entirely in sonnets!). I also enjoy a good spy thriller a lot!

      • What's the best advice you've ever received?

        Before law school I worked at a strategy consulting firm, where my mentor told me that our job was to make our client's jobs easier, and that my job as a junior consultant was to make his job easier. The same is true in part for lawyers--our job is to help our clients navigate legal challenges large and small. Doing this well requires understanding---what is the client's situation, what is the context of the question for which they're asking for help, what are the obstacles the client will face? And then finding the best solutions for that situation.

        Julie Thompson

        Julie Thompson

        I advise companies from early to late-stage and venture capital investors on a broad range of corporate matters, including venture capital and growth equity transactions, mergers and acquisitions, formation and corporate governance and ongoing corporate matters.

        Contact me Managing Associate, Washington, D.C. [email protected] +1 202 349 8035
        • What inspires you about working with tech companies?

          I love working with clients who are enthusiastic about developing something new. We are fortunate to work in a part of the law that is dynamic, positive and challenging all at once.

        • Tell us about a favorite client or project.

          I recently represented (pro bono) a non-profit, transgender rights organization in its merger with another organization. It was rewarding to work with two organizations with a crucial, shared mission to help them combine, strengthen and streamline.

        • Where do you find inspiration in life?

          People and every person's unique experience and perspective.

        • If you weren't a tech lawyer, what would you do?

          Politics or party planning - definitely something focused around people and relationships.

        • Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about you.

          I've run four marathons, including London in April 2024!

        • What is your ideal weekend?

          A leisurely breakfast with my family, a long run in the sunshine and a Jeopardy marathon.

        • What's your mantra?

          You won't get there if you don't try + always be kind to people.