Join Mitch Zuklie, Orrick’s Chairman, as he talks with leading thinkers whose ideas are changing the way we practice law.
Norm Hile, Orrick Senior Counsel & Author of Keeping Each Other Alive: A Vietnam War Memoir

Distinguished Orrick litigator Norm Hile talks about his book, Keeping Each Other Alive: A Vietnam War Memoir, published on the 50th anniversary of his service. In this podcast, Mitch talks with Norm about writing a book based on letters he wrote to his parents, lessons from a career of pro bono representation of veterans, and reflections on what all of this means as we grapple today with Afghanistan and other conflicts.

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Photos of Betsy Popken and James Hargrove

United Nations logoOrrick’s Betsy Popken has been passionate about human rights since before she went to law school. She brought that passion to Orrick, working on pro bono matters as a summer and full-time associate. When the Arab Spring began, she took leave with her litigation practice group’s support to work on UN-mediated peace negotiations in Syria and Darfur. Now back at the firm, she and Geneva-based partner James Hargrove have co-founded Orrick’s Business & Human Rights practice. In honor of Human Rights Day, Mitch talks with Betsy and James about this evolving area of law and new questions raised by AI and other technologies.

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photo of Guido Rahr, standing in river holding salmon

In this inspiring podcast, meet Guido Rahr, conservationist and CEO of one of Orrick’s longtime pro bono clients, the Wild Salmon Center. Guido talks with Mitch about his unique approach to protecting wild salmon ecosystems and why we should all “fall in love with a river.” Mitch also published a Business Insider opinion on how entrepreneurs can apply Guido’s stronghold strategy to make their companies stronger.

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Bryant Johnson

If you think you don’t have time to work out, imagine how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fits it in. Bryant Johnson, trainer to RBG and other justices, tells us how she does it and explains why physical wellness is integral to performance in other parts of your life. Bryant also shares a valuable idea about how to think about your personal impact. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Chimène Keitner

Professor Keitner has had a “varied and unconventional” career path, as she puts it. She’s been a litigator in private practice, a counselor to the Department of State, and today is an international law professor. Last summer, she was a visiting scholar with Orrick, working with our lawyers on novel questions at the intersection of cyber, privacy and international law. In this podcast, Professor Keitner shares advice on how to chart a rewarding career in the law.

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Jon Krop

A Harvard JD, Jon practiced for a while and then chose a different path, becoming a meditation teacher for lawyers. Here is his perspective on how and why to incorporate a regular meditation practice into your day. Spoiler alert: He’ll guide you through a brief (and painless) meditation.

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