Wheeling, W.V. (GOIC)

We work at our Global Operations & Innovation Center (GOIC) with one goal in mind: delivering the most effective, efficient services to our clients. We do it through a combination of innovative staffing, state-of-the-art technology, project management excellence and global connectivity.

When our GOIC opened in Wheeling in 2002, it was the first global insourcing center within a major U.S. law firm. Today, it is the most developed of any firm. Our GOIC team is home to our career associate program and innovative client services, such as Orrick Analytics and many others. And it continues to serve as the hub of the firm’s administrative operations.

Our GOIC Team

We’ve been fortunate to attract, retain and inspire extraordinary talent at our GOIC over its nearly 15 years. We’ve become an employer of choice in the Greater Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley regions by following these few key principles:

  • Attract the best local talent by collaborating with local universities, law schools and other leading institutions
  • Build a strong culture around teamwork, quality, innovation and social impact
  • Fully integrate GOIC team members into the firm’s client services and operations globally

Firm Operations

Our staff at the GOIC supports more than 25 Orrick offices worldwide. The services we offer include IT, knowledge management, lawyer development, human resources, finance, graphic design, marketing and client intake.

Career Associate Program

The GOIC is home to dozens of full-time career associates who are fully integrated into our global practices. Eighteen of our practices have career associates on their teams. These lawyers bring the highest quality and efficiency to client services, such as due diligence, research, drafting and Ediscovery.

Innovative Client Solutions

We offer our clients a number of innovative services that are staffed from our GOIC. While each of these services addresses a different legal and compliance need, they have some common elements: state-of-the-art technology, scalability (often globally), and exceptional project management and teamwork. These services include:

  • Orrick Analytics. Our team of lawyers, statisticians and other professionals brings analytics to the practice of law. By using proprietary technology and probability modeling, we conduct massive document reviews in litigation, large-scale contract reviews and other due diligence in a way that achieves high-quality outcomes and measurable savings for our clients.
  • Global Employment & Equity Compensation. This team operates as a seamless extension of our clients’ global HR, compensation and benefits functions and in-house employment law teams. With experience in over 90 countries, we assist in employment-related compliance, implement global HR policies and compensation schemes, and manage global equity compensation plans. Using this model, we partnered with one of the fastest-growing technology companies to successfully expand its global presence from seven countries to 28 in only three years.
  • Our Building & Our Community

    We like to think that our office is the perfect blend of our local culture and the Orrick spirit. Our home, a refurbished factory, trades on the storied history of the former Wheeling Stamping Company. But when you enter our Wheeling office, you’ll also immediately feel the spirit and commitment to providing top-notch client services that exemplifies our firm.

    Our Wheeling team is committed to the firmwide Orrick Cares initiative and works to make our community a better place. We participate in many events, from the annual Clean Crawl, which brings together teams of volunteers to paint curbs and plant flowers throughout Wheeling’s Centre Market district, to the 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon’s "Run for a Reason." We’re proud to have ongoing partnerships with innovative local events such as Show of Hands, a quarterly community dinner that educates residents about ways to get involved with creative projects happening in Wheeling. We also have a long-standing relationship with Ohio Valley nonprofit Youth Services System, with team members regularly volunteering and participating in fundraising events.