Orrick Public Finance Team Helps Harris County Raise Money for Flood Prevention


An Orrick Public Finance team provided pro bono legal counsel on a special election that raised $2.5 billion for flood-prevention projects.

The Orrick pro bono team, led by senior counsel Bob Collie, advised the Harris County Attorney’s Office on the August 25 special election for the bonds and worked with the Fight Flooding Political Action Committee, which raised approximately $1.35 million to promote the bond votes. The election coincided with the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey causing massive flooding in Houston.

In an article published in Texas Lawyer, Bob said that the Orrick team gave advice to Harris County about the special election to ensure it met requirements under federal voting rights laws, helped the Flood Fighting PAC with record-keeping, and met with in-house lawyers at Houston companies that wanted to know how the PAC money would be used to support the bond election.

In addition to Bob, the Orrick team included Todd Brewer, Gene Locke, Adrian Patterson and Ben Morse.