David Marcus Talks Shop with Orrick’s Matthew Gemello on the Drinks with The Deal Podcast

1 minute read | 31 minute listen | January.04.2024

How will the lightning-fast pace of innovation shake up the whole game—the whole client service model?  How do we inspire the next generation of lawyers—at a time when they expect more control, more flexibility and even more mobility throughout their careers?  And when it’s all said and done, how do you rest, recover and get ready to do it all over again? 

Matthew Gemello tackles the big questions in a conversation with David Marcus on the Drinks with The Deal podcast. 

As Matthew sees it, it’s all about the human element and engaging with the next generation: “There's never been an opportunity like there is today for young lawyers to have a seat at the table as their firm tries to figure out what the next five or ten years is going to look like. This is a moment unlike any that we've ever seen.”

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Matthew Gemello on the Drinks with The Deal Podcast

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