Orrick Launches the ESG Maturity Model: An Innovative Approach to Aligning ESG and Business Strategy

1 minute read | October.19.2023

Orrick has launched the ESG Maturity Model, a new data-driven approach to help executive leaders and boards assess their ESG programs for business alignment and against peer benchmarks – and decide where to invest more and where to reallocate resources.

The model provides a roadmap for what to say “yes” to when it comes to ESG and just as importantly, empowers executives and boards to make better decisions about when to say “no” to ESG measures that are not tied to the business, don’t drive value, and don’t advance corporate strategy.

The model assesses ESG maturity by examining 8 elements of an effective strategy, providing peer benchmarking for each and assigns a level.  It is integrated legal, governance and other operational analytics in a way that is completely novel.

We are grateful to NetScout Systems GC Jeff Levinson for partnering with us on the model and to beta this innovative approach.

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The ESG Maturity Model