Join Mitch Zuklie, Orrick’s Chairman, as he talks with leading thinkers whose ideas are changing the way we practice law.

If you think you don’t have time to work out, imagine how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fits it in. Bryant Johnson, trainer to RBG and other justices, tells us how she does it and explains why physical wellness is integral to performance in other parts of your life. Bryant also shares a valuable idea about how to think about your personal impact. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Professor Keitner has had a “varied and unconventional” career path, as she puts it. She’s been a litigator in private practice, a counselor to the Department of State, and today is an international law professor. Last summer, she was a visiting scholar with Orrick, working with our lawyers on novel questions at the intersection of cyber, privacy and international law. In this podcast, Professor Keitner shares advice on how to chart a rewarding career in the law.

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Jon Krop

A Harvard JD, Jon practiced for a while and then chose a different path, becoming a meditation teacher for lawyers. Here is his perspective on how and why to incorporate a regular meditation practice into your day. Spoiler alert: He’ll guide you through a brief (and painless) meditation.

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