U.S. National Privacy Legislation | ADCG Podcast: Ep. 1

Association for Data and Cyber Governance
31 minute listen | October.14.2020

Interview with Jim Dempsey, the Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and formerly held leadership roles at the Center for Democracy and Technology.  Jim discusses the lengthy and unsuccessful attempts to enact a federal privacy law. In light of the EU GDPR, California’s passage of the CCPA, and the EU Court of Justice invalidating the US Privacy Shield, he ponders whether the U.S. needs a federal privacy law and what that might look like. The discussion covers likely stumbling blocks to a federal privacy law, such as preemption of state law and a private right of action, similar to that provided in the CCPA. As a professor of cybersecurity issues at UC Berkeley, Jim also explores the potential cybersecurity aspects of privacy legislation and the role cybersecurity requirements have played in breach notification laws.



About the U.S. National Privacy and Cybersecurity Podcast


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The Association for Data and Cyber Governance presents a podcast series that explores informed points of view – both pro and con – on the need to develop national privacy legislation. Hosts Jerry Buckley, a founding partner of Buckley LLP, and Jody Westby, a prominent data security consultant, interview some of the nation’s key privacy professionals as they sort through the policy decisions that Congress will have to address as it considers how the use of data will be regulated in the United States.



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