Robert F. Lawrence

Senior Counsel

Washington, D.C.

Robert has advised financial clients, energy companies, importers and manufacturers on environmental compliance issues for over 35 years. His practice specialties include climate change, disclosure of environmental risks and liabilities, diligence regarding environmental compliance and strategic thinking on environmental and resource planning, including environmental and social governance (ESG) issues. He represents an extensive array of pro bono clients on environmental issues, including development of carbon reduction projects and carbon emissions trading marketplaces.

Bob's career covers project financing of electricity generation facilities and major infrastructure projects, including all types of conventional energy facilities and an expansive array of renewable technologies. He has closed financings for real estate development, construction and energy projects in all 50 states. In addition, he focuses on permitting, diligence and negotiation of transactions involving environmental attributes, such as emission reduction credits, carbon reduction credits and the generation and trading of regulated and voluntary environmental credits (acid rain and GHG cap and trade allowances, ERCs, LCFS credits, RINs, CAFE credits and voluntary emission reduction credits).

He has represented project sponsors, lenders and investors in connection with all aspects of conventional energy development and use, as well as solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy and other renewable technologies. He is adept on siting, land use, permitting, federal and state environmental review, cultural resources, endangered species and other environmental regulatory aspects of development of greenfield sites. In addition, Bob's practice covers all aspects of management and reuse of contaminated property, including demolition of industrial facilities, redevelopment of brownfield sites, remediation of contamination and habitat restoration.

Bob has represented major companies in connection with all aspects of environmental regulation, including permitting, chemical manufacturing and importation and vehicle efficiency. He has represented companies before regulatory agencies in rulemaking proceedings, permit applications and appeals and enforcement actions.

Bob leads Orrick's environmental due diligence teams and serves as Orrick's lead on transactional negotiations involving environmentally regulated facilities and operations, including cross-border transactions involving dozens of foreign jurisdictions.