Attorneys Author Article on Cybercrime Defense Strategies

Corporate Counsel | April.15.2013

This article, authored by intellectual property partner Gabe Ramsey, white collar and corporate investigations partner Mark Mermelstein and litigation associate James Hsiao, discusses recent cybercrime trends and defense strategies. An excerpt from the article is included below.

Cybercrime is neither rare nor isolated these days. You no longer need to be a major bank, retailer, credit card company, social media site, or government to become a target. Every company with an online presence, or even a connection to the Internet, has become fair game.

Symantec has reported that, year over year, malicious Internet attacks are steadily increasing. Their most recently released report (2012), showed that in 2011, these attacks had increased by over 81 percent, and unique malicious software ("malware") variants increased by 41 percent, compared with 2010. It is no longer a question of whether a company will be hacked, but when. Attacks are also increasingly "targeted." For example, in January The New York Times was targeted through a technique called "spear-phishing," where innocuous-looking email or social media messages were tailored to individual employees and designed to install code that could access, monitor, or steal information.​