The one-size-fits-all approach to legal careers is outdated.
It’s your career. Chart your own course.

What is Agile Working?

When we say “Agile Working,” we mean flexible, adaptable and personalized. It’s about enabling you to achieve both work and life goals. Options include working from home, flexible work arrangements (FWAs), job sharing, distinctive parental leave benefits and even opportunities to work remotely in a location where Orrick does not have an office. We don’t ask you to make a choice between agile working and partnership consideration.

Here, there's no stigma attached to taking advantage of these options. A third of the partners promoted in 2019 used FWAs on their path to partnership. New partners the past five years have worked in locations where we don’t have offices, or have gone out on primary parental leave before making partner. Here, there’s no stigma attached to taking advantage of these options. We also have a parental leave liaison and a flexible work arrangement liaison to help you consider these options and design arrangements that work for you and your team.

Your Time Commitment

There may be a time in your career when you don’t want to keep up a full-time schedule. We get that, and so we offer both FWAs and job sharing. FWAs involve working reduced hours, beginning at 60%. Over fifty of our lawyers are currently on FWAs. Under our job sharing program, rolled out this year, two associates of comparable experience can each work reduced schedules, focusing on the same clients and matters and handing off tasks between them.

We’ve set a new standard among U.S. law firms when it comes to primary caregiver leave – providing 22 weeks of paid leave and nine months of job protection. Forty lawyers took this leave in 2018. We also provide six weeks of non-primary caregiver leave. As Above the Law put it: “All eyes are now officially on Orrick as the industry leader in terms of work-life balance for attorneys with children — and that’s a wonderful thing.” Parents can also take advantage of our onramping program, including a predictable schedule for the first month after returning to work for primary caregivers, and a Leave Liaison to aid in transitioning back to practice.

Where You Work

Many Orrick associates choose to work from home. We work with them to craft a schedule that makes sense for them and their teams. From time to time, we also have associates who, for family or other reasons, choose to live and work in a place where we do not have an office. Places like Denver, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, Richmond, Virginia and Columbia, South Carolina. All spend some time in our practice offices, but we collaborate with them to ensure they can continue their Orrick careers from remote locations.

Congratulations once again to Orrick for being a firm that’s taking its commitment to furthering women attorneys’ advancement in the legal profession seriously, and for being a firm that realizes men shouldn’t be discouraged from taking part in their children’s lives. We’d wish Orrick the best of luck in becoming one of the best law firms to work for, but we’re not sure that the firm needs it — Orrick seems to be doing a great job already.”

              – Above the Law

"The best talent want to be the best parents and we need to have policies that support that, because they’re overachievers in every way, including parenting."

Siobhan Handley
Orrick Chief Talent Officer
Above the Law, June 19, 2017