Orrick Library Seminar: The Art & Science of M&A Due Diligence (Session 1)

Seminar | January.17.2019 | 12:30pm - 2:00pm (Hong Kong Time)

Orrick Hong Kong

Smart and effective due diligence investigations are a critical driver for successful M&A transactions, and can make all the difference in getting the price right, identifying and managing risk, navigating a competitive sale process, smoothly and efficiently executing the deal, and preparing for and managing integration and other post-closing matters.

Planning and conducting a due diligence investigation should combine a careful analysis of the target with a deep understanding of considerations specific to the acquiror or investor. Strategic buyers, private equity sponsors and venture capital investors each bring significantly different interests, priorities and issues to a transaction.A well-designed and well-executed investigation should also take into account factors specific to the industries, geographies and other attributes unique to the deal. Finally,it is rare that an ideal process can be run in an ideal environment on an ideal timetable—an effective M&A due diligence must successfully navigate a variety of real-world constraints.

In this seminar, Mark Lehmkuhler and others in Orrick's Greater China M&A team will walk you through the key considerations in conducting M&A due diligence — with special attention to deals involving technology companies. They will also discuss the latest innovations in legal technology and howthey areshaping the future of M&A due diligence.

Please join us for an interactive session to discuss the following topics:

  • What's So Special About M&A Due Diligence?
    • The M&A Due Diligence Mindset
    • Valuation - The Price is Right (?)
    • Identifying, Understanding and Managing Risks
    • Impact on Deal Structuring
    • Keeping an Eye on Execution
    • Post-Deal Integration
    • Best Practices
    • Real-World Constraints — and How to Successfully Manage Them
    • Hot Topics
  • Special Issues for Technology M&A
    • Intellectual Property - Valuation and Risk
    • Human Capital
    • Legal and Regulatory Framework
    • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
    • Product Liability
    • Special Considerations for PRC Tech Companies
  • AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and the Future of Due Diligence
    • "Old School" Due Diligence and its Limitations
    • How Disruptive Technologies are Changing the Landscape
    • What's on the Horizon?

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