Super Deduction for R&D Costs and Tax Credit - What's New in the Tax Decree

Tech Alert

The tax decree October 21, 2021 no.146 provided the abolishing of the Patent Box regime and the introduction of a new optional regime providing an extra deduction (for Corporate income tax purposes as well as for the Regional tax on productive activities) equal to 90% of the costs related to research and development activities on intangible assets as an alternative to the tax credit R&D activities.

Moreover, the same decree, among the other news, provides for a special "amnesty" for the undue compensation of the tax credit for investments in R&D activities, which can be accessed by submitting an application to the Tax Authority by 30.9.2022 and paying the credit referred to the company has benefited in a lump sum by 16.12.2022 or in three annual installments of the same amount.

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