Webinar: Top 5 Termination Mistakes Across Europe

Webinar | June.27.2019

Webinar - Recording Available

In most European jurisdictions, "at-will" employment is not a recognized concept. This means dismissals can be more complicated — formal requirements, fair reasons and employee representatives can all be relevant when terminating an employee. Please join members of Orrick’s Global Employment Law Team for their first-hand observations on common termination pitfalls across Europe and how to avoid them.



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  • 内部調査
  • 企業秘密に関する訴訟
  • 賃金および労働時間
  • サイバーセキュリティおよびデータ機密性
  • 複雑な訴訟および紛争処理
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  • テクノロジー企業グループ
  • 雇用法および訴訟
  • 国境を超えた雇用の法的課題
  • 差別、ハラスメント、報復
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