Hiroki Sugita Speaks at SVJP Entrepreneur Event Supporting Japanese Startups in Their Overseas Expansion


日本語: 杉田泰樹弁護士がSVJP主催のスタートアップ企業イベントに登壇いたしました

Hiroki Sugita spoke at Silicon Valley Japan Platform’s “Defying Silicon Valley – the Battle to Success” event in support of Japan-based entrepreneurs facing challenges with overseas expansion. The event specifically targeted Japanese startups looking to be well-equipped and successful in their possible entry into the international market.

Hiroki, whose practice focuses on cross-border transactions involving Japanese corporations and startups looking for venture capital investment and overseas expansion, participated in a panel discussion on “Challenges Faced Overseas.” He spoke alongside Satoshi Sugie, founder and CEO of our client WHILL, Inc., an award-winning next generation Personal Electric Vehicles company headquartered in Japan with offices in the United States, Europe and Taiwan. The discussion addressed common issues faced by Japanese startups entering the international market, such as getting funding from and dealing with non-Japanese investors and handling non-Japanese employees and vendors. The discussion was well received by the audience and elicited numerous questions.

Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP) is a nonprofit organization designed to build bridges of collaboration between Silicon Valley and Japan, with a special focus on next-generation technology startups looking to grow in Silicon Valley and Japan-based major corporations looking to combine with niche-oriented startups based in Silicon Valley.

Orrick supports Japanese startup companies entering Silicon Valley and other markets outside Japan. We offer general legal support and advice on finding funding from non-Japanese investors, assist Japanese corporations investing in and establishing strategic partnership with U.S. startups, and advise on the establishment and operation of Corporate Venture Capital in Japan and elsewhere.