The Orrick Legal Ninja Series (OLNS)

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In substantially all of the major world markets, we have dedicated technology lawyers who support young German technology companies on their growth trajectory through all stages. As one of the top tech law firms in the world, we are particularly committed to bringing the American and German entrepreneurship ecosystems closer together.

ninja emojiFor this purpose, we have launched the Orrick Legal Ninja Series (OLNS). With this series we will provide overviews on current legal trends and take deeper dives on certain legal topics that are particularly relevant for start-ups and their investors. This series will be co-authored by a multidisciplinary team of attorneys from our national and international offices. It is our goal to tap into the rich reservoir of the venture capital and technology law know-how of our international platform and make it available to the exciting German entrepreneurship and innovation scene.

Why “Ninja Series”? This title might simply reflect the fact that some of us watched a little too much TV in the 1990s. But, seriously, “Ninja” has come to signify “a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.” That’s what the Orrick team strives to be when it comes to providing tailored advice to growing tech companies and their investors. We hope that the OLNS also empowers you to be Ninja entrepreneurs.

For an overview of our German Technology Transactions Companies Practice, including recent transactions and further publications, click here.

OLNS Publications

Orrick Legal Ninja Series #1: Venture Debt

Venture Debt - A potentially attractive complement to equity financings for start-ups that already have strong investors on board. This is a highly flexible instrument with very little dilutive effect for founders and existing investors.

Orrick Legal Ninja Series #2: Convertible Loans

Due to flexibility and reduced complexity compared to fully-fledged equity financings, convertible loans are an important part of a start-up's financing tool box-up. In a nutshell: A convertible loan is generally not meant to be repaid, but shall rather be converted into an equity participation in the start-up at a later stage.

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#3: Employment Law for Young Tech Companies

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