Startups in the UK: Starting and Scaling Up

30 minute read | August.07.2023

Setting up and scaling a company can be an exhilarating yet arduous journey. Individual entrepreneurs and business founders who want to commercialise their latest idea must navigate the complexities of launching and growing a successful company. Challenges will inevitably arise at each stage of a startup’s lifecycle but, in many cases, laying the right foundations at the start can help to smooth the way for the later stages of growth.

In this feature article for PLC Magazine, the first of a two-part series based on Orrick's Founder Series, Jamie Moore, Kristy Hart, Nicola Whiteley, Anna Humphrey, Faraaz Samadi, Natasha Ahmed and Kelly Hagedorn explore what founders need to think about in the early stages of growth. From setting up a private limited company to safeguarding intellectual property (IP), key areas such as building and incentivising teams, and the complexities of data protection and key compliance matters.

Read part one here.

This article first appeared in the August 2023 issue of the PLC Magazine and is reproduced with the kind permission of the publishers. Subscription enquiries via

Part two of the series focuses on the next phase of growth and explores key issues surrounding raising finance, cybersecurity considerations, how to steer a company through financial difficulties, comply with directors’ duties and more. Read part two here.