Orrick’s Founder Series

Orrick's Founder Series is a must-read for any UK entrepreneur navigating the complex world of starting and scaling a technology company. Our London Technology Companies Group (TCG), along with supporting specialists, provide you with a comprehensive guide to the key considerations you need to think about at each stage of your company's lifecycle. From incorporation to exit and everything in between, our articles are packed with expert insights and practical tips to help you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls. Whether you're a first-time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, our Founder Series is your go-to resource for building a successful technology company.

Series Instalments:

1: Setting Up Your Private Limited Company

 6 minute read | June.29.2022

Founder Series: Setting Up Your Private Limited CompanyIn our first instalment of the Series, we help guide founders of UK startups through the process of setting up a private limited company.

2: Building Your Team

 8 minute read | July.28.2022

Founder Series: Building Your TeamSo, you’ve set up your company and it’s time to start building your team. In this instalment, we offer UK startups top tips to follow when hiring their first employees and building their core team.

3: Incentivising Your Team

 9 minute read | August.25.2022

Founder Series: Incentivising Your TeamThe ability to attract and retain top talent is vital to a company’s growth and success. This article provides an overview of share options and the key issues to consider when using these to recruit, retain and incentivise their teams.

4: Protecting Your Ideas

 6 minute read | September.29.2022

Founder Series: Protecting Your IdeasIntellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets of a tech startup, which is why taking appropriate steps to protect your IP rights is crucial. In this instalment, we offer tips on ten key issues you should consider when seeking to protect your IP.

5: Compliance Matters

 8 minute read | October.27.2022

Founder Series: Compliance MattersIn the early stages of growing your startup, it can be easy to forget the importance of compliance. In this instalment, we help founders navigate data protection and employment compliance matters from the very beginning.

6: Get Ready to Raise

 11 minute read | November.29.2022

Founder Series: Get Ready to RaiseFounders, are you ready to raise? In this instalment, we offer top tips to help you structure your funding round, navigate term sheets, and get diligence ready.

7: Navigating the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

 6 minute read | December.20.2022

Founder Series: Navigating the Evolving Cyber Threat LandscapeAs cyber threats continue to evolve, failing to implement appropriate cybersecurity defences has an increasing real cost. To help founders protect their companies against cyber risk, we outline our top 10 cybersecurity considerations for startups.

8: Flipping to a Delaware Corporation

 9 minute read | January.29.2022

Founder Series: Flipping to a Delaware CorporationIn this article, we offer top tips on some of the key issues arising in “Delaware flip” transactions for founders leading their companies in a US expansion.

9: Steering a Company Through Financial Difficulties

 12 minute read | Februrary.23.2023

Founder Series: Steering a Company Through Financial DifficultiesAs the economic outlook for 2023 continues to evolve, founders may find themselves considering alternative sources of funding, needing to cut costs or drafting contingency plans. In this article, we offer key guidance on steering a company through financial difficulties.

10: Raising Bridge Financing

 11 minute read | March.30.2023

Founder Series: Raising Bridge FinancingWe offer key guidance to founders looking to convertible securities as alternative financing options while they set up for their next equity round and explore some of the key terms found in these instruments.

11: Complying with Directors’ Duties Under English Law

 11 minute read | April.27.2023

Founder Series: Top Tips on Complying with Directors’ Duties Under English LawAs a founder director, it's crucial to understand your legal obligations to ensure that you're protecting the interests of your company and its stakeholders. In this article, we provide top tips on how to comply with directors’ duties under English Law.

12: Financial Services Startups

 9 minute read | May.24.2023

Founder Series: Top Tips for Financial Services Startups
For UK founders of financial services startups, navigating the complex regulatory landscape while striving for business growth is no easy feat. Our FinTech regulatory lawyers offer key tips for striking the right balance between business growth and cost-effective compliance.

13: Future Fund Conversions & Redemptions

 9 minute read | July.03.2023

Founder Series Future fund Conversions
In this article, we provide key guidance for UK founders who previously applied for the UK Government’s Future Fund as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and will now be considering their options as the three-year “maturity date” looms.

14: Navigating a Down Round Financing

 11 minute read | July.27.2023

Founder Series: Top Tips on Navigating a Down Round FinancingIn the fourteenth instalment of Orrick's Founder Series, our Technology Companies Group offers key guidance for UK founders on what they should be thinking about when considering a down round.

15: Leveraging AI for Business Growth in the UK

 9 minute read | September.28.2023

Founder Series: Top Tips on Navigating a Down Round FinancingIn the fifteenth installment of Orrick's Founder Series, we offer guidance on what founders should look out for when developing or using AI in the UK.

16: Exit Ready (Part 1 – M&A)

 8 minute read | October.26.2023

Founder Series: Exit Ready (Part 1 – M&A)In the sixteenth instalment of Orrick’s Founder Series, we offer top tips to help UK startups build to an exit and manage an M&A process (look for part two soon, on the IPO process).

17: Exit Ready (Part 2 – IPOs)

 9 minute read | November.20.2023

Founder Series: Exit Ready (Part 21 – IPOs)In the seventeenth instalment of Orrick’s Founder Series, we offer top tips to help UK startups build to an exit and manage an IPO process.

18: Getting to Grips with the Cap Table

 8 minute read | January.25.2024

Founder Series: Getting to Grips with the Cap TableIn the eighteenth instalment of Orrick's Founder Series, we will discuss what you need to know and what to do to get the most out of your cap table.

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