Innovative Climate Tech Company Spiritus Attracts Initial Investment

1 minute read | September.08.2023

Spiritus, a startup using direct-air capture to remove carbon from the atmosphere, has raised $11 million.

Orrick advised Spiritus in a funding round led by Khosla Ventures and investors including Page One Ventures.


Spiritus stands at the forefront of high-quality direct-air capture carbon removal, bringing to life a groundbreaking solution that captures and sequesters megaton-scale CO2 from the atmosphere.

“The climate crisis is affecting every aspect of our lives, from the fires raging across our nation to the record temperatures we're experiencing," Spiritus CEO and co-founder Charles Cadieu said in a news release.


Advancements at Spiritus have “allowed us to get closer to an industry milestone: making (direct-air capture) a practical and affordable solution for carbon removal,” Cadieu said.

“By achieving a scalable cost that aligns with what the world needs, we can enable countries, companies, and individuals to create a carbon-neutral future. It's a game-changing moment for our planet."


Orrick’s Andy Bloom, Emily Donohue and Daniel Lopez were on a team advising Spiritus.



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