Logan J. Herlinger

Director of Information Governance and Senior Discovery Attorney


Logan Herlinger is Orrick's Director of Information Governance and a Senior Discovery Attorney. Logan has over 14 years of experience in advising attorneys and clients on discovery strategy and information governance issues, including issues related to pending or threatened litigation and records management.

Logan has experience managing a wide-variety of complex discovery matters including multi-district antitrust litigation, ;class actions, intellectual property litigation, contract disputes, product liability actions, and internal and regulatory investigations. He assists with all aspects of the discovery process, including: coordinating the preservation, collection, review and production of information; conducting IT and custodian interviews; propounding and responding to written discovery; participating in meet and confer negotiations; and assisting in discovery motions practice.

A large part of Logan's practice focuses on information governance. He works directly with companies to develop information governance and litigation readiness plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. This work includes drafting records retention policies and schedules, consulting on the disposition of legacy information (paper and electronic), counseling on email and new media management, and drafting preservation policies and tracking systems. He has been engaged in these capacities by Fortune 100 companies, banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, broker-dealers, consulting firms, healthcare companies, international retailers, technology companies, communication companies, aerospace companies, energy producers, utilities, and non-profits.

  • Logan's representative experiences include the following:

    • Representing life insurance policyholders in multiple actions alleging breach of contract and tort claims against several industry-leading insurance carriers. Cases involved complex discovery issues including: managing cross border data collection and review, multi-matter database management, and filing and defending against motions to compel related to scope discovery, search terms, relevancy redactions, and privilege logs.
    • Overseeing discovery to respond to information and document requests from the European Council.
    • Represented Oracle and obtained a favorable outcome in state and federal litigation, including an appeal, against the State of Oregon concerning the development of Oregon's health insurance exchange. Litigation involved copyright infringement of computer software code underlying the exchange, constitutional questions concerning the Copyright Remedy Clarification Act and 11th Amendment Immunity, RICO, and false claims act.
    • Was a member of the Orrick team serving as National Counsel to Union Carbide Corporation in connection with its ongoing asbestos-related product liability litigation. Oversaw all written discovery in 12 US jurisdictions, which included the review and approval of hundreds of RFP, RFA, and Interrogatory responses.
    • Represented U.S. veterans seeking disability benefits.
    • Drafted over 40 records retention policies and schedules.
    • Consulted on email, historical data, and disaster recovery management issues for over 100 companies and organizations.