Orrick Advises Antin Infrastructure Partners on Its Investment in Powerdot, a Major Player in the European Electric Vehicle Recharging Sector

2 minute read | March.06.2024

Français: Orrick a conseillé Antin Infrastructure Partners dans le cadre de son investissement dans Powerdot, acteur majeur dans le secteur de la recharge des véhicules électriques en Europe

Orrick has advised Antin Infrastructure Partners on a second round of fundraising for Powerdot, a major player in the electric vehicle destination charging sector in Europe. 

Continuing its mission to accelerate sustainable mobility, Powerdot has raised a further €100 million from its historical investors, Antin and Arié Group.


With the renewed support of its investors, Powerdot is on course for growth that will transform the world of destination electric charging.

This new investment will contribute to financing the installation of more than 10,000 charging points across Europe, adding to over 5,000 charging points installed by Powerdot and already in service. 


The team advising Antin on this project consisted of Patrick Tardivy and Gergana Rodriguez on the M&A aspects. The firm Albuquerque Almeida, with Antonio Mendonça Raimundo, advised Antin on the Portuguese law aspects of the project.

Other members of the Orrick team advising Antin in its investment in Powerdot included:


Antin Infrastructure Partners

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