Financial Times Top 3 for Innovation for 6 Years in a Row


Financial Times has named Orrick the #3 most innovative law firm in North America for business of law in its Innovative Lawyers Report North America 2021.

The report highlights the impact we have made by: changing the law to enable innovation, developing new financial techniques to strengthen communities, making our profession more diverse, and making room for wellness. FT specifically called out:

  • Our leadership on behalf of the professional sports leagues and fantasy sports industry shaping legislation in states across the country that have legalized sports betting over the past three years, including this past year in New York, Arizona and beyond. Our team is led by Jeremy Kudon.
  • A solution for investing in homeless housing infrastructure for the mentally ill – through our collaboration with the California Health Facilities Financing Authority. Our team was led by Jenna Magan and Steve Spitz.
  • Our collaboration with Legal Innovators to change the way our profession recruits and advances diverse lawyers, including applying science-backed data to recruit top talent from a broader applicant pool. This program is led by Siobhan Handley, who serves on LI’s advisory board.
  • Our effort to make top performance sustainable – and support the wellness of our team – by providing 40 hours of bonus-eligible Unplug Time each year.

FT has recognized Orrick in every report on North American legal innovation since its inaugural report in 2010 – and ranked us among the top three firms in each of the past six years.