Jeremy Kudon


New York

Jeremy is the founder and chair of Orrick’s Public Policy Group. He has built a highly innovative practice that helps disruptive companies protect/secure their competitive advantage at all levels of state government in all 50 states.

Over the past 18 months alone, Jeremy and his team engaged in 125 battles in 45 state legislatures on behalf of a “who’s who” of technology disruptors, Fortune 500 companies, and professional sports leagues. 

Recent examples of Jeremy's experience include:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports. In the fall of 2015, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, FanDuel and DraftKings faced an existential threat from state legislatures and Attorneys General. Jeremy and his team built, implemented and ran a 50-state legislative and regulatory campaign that included on the ground lobbying, public relations support, and grassroots and grasstops activation. As a result of Jeremy and Orrick’s work, 20 state legislatures, including New York where Attorney General Schneiderman issued a cease and desist to the companies, have passed legislation clarifying that daily fantasy sports are legal, creating regulatory oversight and introducing common sense consumer protections.
  • Sports Betting. Jeremy and Orrick are coordinating a multi-state campaign on behalf of Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and the PGA TOUR to ensure that sports betting legislation addresses the leagues integrity and intellectual property concerns. Over the past six months, Orrick has engaged on the leagues’ behalf in 20 state legislatures.
  • Secondary Life Insurance. Responsible for developing and implementing a multi-state legislative and regulatory campaign on behalf of Fortress Investment Group to bring certainty to the secondary life insurance market. In 2014, Jeremy and his team helped pass affirmative legislation in Minnesota that gives investors the right—for the first time—to go to court and obtain a declaration that a policy has a valid insurable interest.
  • Satellite TV and OTT Tax. For the past decade, Jeremy and his team have coordinated a multi-state campaign on behalf of DISH, DIRECTV, and Sling TV to defeat anti-competitive satellite TV and over-the-top TV taxes. The team’s record is nothing short of spectacular. Since 2009, Orrick has helped the satellite TV industry defeat 85 bills in 35 states, which has translated into billions of dollars of savings.
  • Ocular Telehealth. Represent Warby Parker and Simple Contacts before state legislatures to protect against anti-competitive ocular telehealth legislation.