Brexit Workshop: Legal challenges - what do companies have to consider?

Sponsored Event | February.14.2019 | 5pm - 9pm (Central European Standard Time)

Orrick Düsseldorf

The British Parliament has recently rejected the Brexit deal and it presently looks as if an uncoordinated withdrawal of the UK from the EU will occur on the expiry of 29 March 2019. Any company with at least trade relations to the UK now needs to prepare for this challenge.

In order to support you in this endeavor, we will cover the following topics in six short presentations and discuss practice-oriented solutions followed by Q&A:

  • Which choice of law and which place of jurisdiction make sense?
  • How do I protect my IP rights?
  • What changes can be expected in relation to company law and what does this mean in practice?
  • What does Brexit mean for cartels and merger control?
  • What should I bear in mind when transferring personal data to partners in the UK?
  • What are the tax implications of Brexit? Which economic sectors and activities are particularly affected? How should a company behave?


  • サイバーセキュリティおよびデータ機密性
  • Technology Transactions
  • テクノロジー企業グループ
  • Automotive Technology & Mobility


  • 国際仲裁および紛争処理
  • 複雑な訴訟および紛争処理
  • 合併と買収
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • 民事訴訟
  • Litigation & IP
  • コーポレート・リストラクチャリング