Seminar | September.20.2017 | 9:00am - 10:30am (Tokyo Standard Time)

Orrick Tokyo

English: Cybersecurity for Japanese and Global Corporations Doing Business in Japan

オリック東京オフィス訴訟グループでは、「Orrick Library」と題し、日本のみならず米国、アジアおよびヨーロッパの各地域における様々な分野の法律問題についてセミナーを開催しております。今回のセミナーは、日米のサイバーセキュリティーに関する最新動向にフォーカスし、2017年9月20日(水)、午前9時~午前10時30分にて開催いたします。


日 時:2017年9月20日(火)9:00 am – 10:30 am (開場および受付開始8:45 am)
会 場:オリック東京法律事務所(アクセス)
講 師:内閣府参与、齋藤 ウィリアム 浩幸氏;オリック・シアトル・オフィス、パートナー、アラヴィンド・スワミナサン
言 語:英語

※1 当セミナーのプレゼンテーションは英語で行われますが、東京オフィス訴訟グループの髙取 芳宏弁護士 (第一東京弁護士会)、ディビッド・ケイス外国法事務弁護士(第二東京弁護士会)矢倉 信介弁護士(第一東京弁護士会)が適宜協議に参加すると共に、日本語で対応質問等にお答え致します。

※2 このプログラムは米国ニューヨーク州及びカリフォルニア州のCLEクレジットの対象となっています。

CLE Credits Available: Y

William Saito Special Advisor to Japan’s Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Economic Trade & Industry (METI)



  • Finance Sector
  • Technology & Innovation Sector
  • Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
  • Class Action Defense
  • White Collar, Investigations, Securities Litigation & Compliance
  • 政府による調査および強制措置
  • 審理
  • Strategic Advisory & Government Enforcement (SAGE)

Aravind Swaminathan パートナー

シアトル; Boston

A leading cybersecurity and online safety authority, Aravind is recognized by Chambers USA in Privacy and Data Security in both Litigation and Incident Response. Clients describe him as “a very talented lawyer experienced with incident responses” and “incredibly responsive and technically savvy.”

Aravind’s deep knowledge of his clients’ business objectives and technological capabilities distinguishes him as a strategic advisor and frontline crisis responder. He advises some of the world’s leading online platforms, public and private financial institutions, tech companies, higher education institutions, and critical infrastructure providers on cybersecurity, and their obligations to monitor and remove harmful or illegal content online and root out instances of child exploitation.

He is adept at guiding companies through cybersecurity incidents, having directed more than 500 data breach investigations, including enterprise-wide network intrusions to cyberattacks with national security implications. Aravind defends clients in an array of cybersecurity and privacy class actions and regulatory enforcement actions brought by the SEC, FTC, NY DFS and State AGs, and also represents individual C-level executives in criminal and civil regulatory enforcement matters.

As a former assistant United States attorney, he investigated and prosecuted a broad array of cybercrime, child exploitation cases, digital crimes, and white-collar crime cases. This first-hand knowledge of federal agencies allows him to navigate the system, partner with investigators and find creative solutions for clients.

Aravind is a member of Orrick’s Board of Directors, and he devotes much of his free time to advising independent schools on AI, online safety, and cybersecurity, and teaching and coaching.



  • 複雑な訴訟および紛争処理
  • Patents
  • Trademark, Copyright & Media
  • 知的財産
  • Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
  • Antitrust & Competition
  • International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
  • Mass Torts & Product Liability
  • Employment Law & Litigation
  • 日本

矢倉 信介 パートナー