Orrick’s Jeffrey McKenna Honored for Proposed Changes to Civil Litigation Rules

1 minute read | May.03.2024

Lawyers for Civil Justice has honored Orrick’s Jeffrey McKenna with the LCJ Founder’s Award, its highest-achievement recognition.

“Jeffrey McKenna is a key architect of LCJ’s proposal for amending the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to guide the handling of privacy rights and cybersecurity risks in litigation,” said Alex Dahl, LCJ general counsel.

“This package of proposals would amend at least nine rules and bring about a generational change in how courts protect proprietary information, navigate privacy standards, and share the responsibility with all parties to take reasonable steps to prevent unnecessary disclosure of personal and confidential information.”

Dan Steen, executive director of LCJ, cited Jeffrey’s “outstanding and continuing leadership in the development and advancement of LCJ’s comprehensive proposal for Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments concerning privacy and cybersecurity.”

The organization recognized Jeffrey with an “Outstanding Contributor Award” in 2022 and 2023 for leading a team in developing innovations in international discovery and privacy. Jeffrey has contributed to LCJ initiatives on discovery and evidence, notably designed to enhance protections for cybersecurity and personal information.