Produits financiers et structurés

Our lawyers represent secured lenders, financial institutions and other sophisticated investors in the structuring and restructuring of financial products to limit bankruptcy and commercial risks.

We advise clients on the structure and bankruptcy implications of proposed transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, collateralized debt obligations, trade receivables, project and structured financings, mortgage loans and other transactional work.

We have participated in a larger number of derivative product transactions than any other firm and are uniquely positioned to assist clients with swap workouts, repurchase agreements and other derivative products in or out of bankruptcy proceedings. Since 1990, we have served as principal counsel in more than 450 secondary market derivative transactions worth US$15 billion in offered securities.

In Europe, we represent numerous investment banks and funds in some of the most complex cross-border restructurings of structured investment vehicles (SIVs), including Sigma Finance Corporation (the world's largest SIV), Cheyne Finance, Rhinebridge and Whistlejacket Capital.