Contrôles des exportations et sanctions économiques

Facing intensified enforcement by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and enforcement agencies in other jurisdictions—and major penalties for violations—companies need experienced counsel to advise on their most important transactions and business dealings.

We have undertaken scores of internal investigations and compliance reviews for companies in industries as varied as semiconductors, aerospace and defense, energy, consumer electronics, and financial services. We represent clients in voluntary disclosures to the U.S. government and in administrative enforcement actions under economic sanctions and anti-money laundering rules, and we negotiate settlements with enforcement authorities.

Apart from embargoes and sanctions applicable to U.S. companies and individuals, we have a particular depth and expertise in U.S. measures that provide for sanctions against non-U.S. persons who engage in activities relating to U.S.-embargoed countries and persons. These so-called secondary boycott measures have assumed particular prominence in recent years in connection with Iran. We have worked closely with U.S. officials to prevent sanctions against several non-U.S. clients under the Iran Sanctions Act and related laws and regulations.