Procédure contentieuse privée

Orrick’s Antitrust and Competition Group has been on the front lines of private antitrust litigation for decades, playing a central role in some of the most important cases that have defined the sophisticated legal and economic analysis that applies to the most complicated antitrust issues.

We have extensive experience with every type of antitrust claim, including claims involving price fixing, predatory pricing and buying, bundling and loyalty programs, tying, exclusive dealing, monopolization, product distribution, counterclaims in infringement actions, mergers and acquisitions.

We routinely handle the most challenging antitrust claims and procedurally complicated antitrust litigation, at times managing scores of cases involving many parties spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Our lawyers have a strong record in both the trial and appellate courts. In fact, companies often turn to us to handle their most important appeals, switching from other law firms that represented them at trial.

We also are in the forefront of private damage actions in the European Union. And we filed one of the first private damage actions in the European Union, an action against the dominant rail carrier on behalf of the Enron Receiver.