Shane McCammon

Senior Litigation Career Associate

Washington, D.C.

Shane brings more than a decade of combat-tested military experience, leadership, and advocacy skills earned by first-chairing more than 40 jury trials to Orrick's Complex Litigation practice group.  

Shane is a member of our team representing financial institutions in complex, high-value litigation involving mortgage-backed securities in federal and state courts, at both the trial and appellate levels.  An experienced litigator, Shane also has represented institutional lenders and private-equity funds in commercial foreclosure proceedings and complex contractual disputes involving the investment banking, real estate, healthcare, and tech sectors, guiding clients through every stage of litigation. 

Prior to joining Orrick, Shane served for more than 12 years as an active-duty JAG, excelling in a variety of litigation and leadership roles.  She deployed to Afghanistan as part of a small multinational team tasked with mentoring the Afghan National Army.  As a senior defense counsel, Shane led a team of Air Force criminal defense attorneys in Europe and first-chaired more than 40 fully litigated felony jury trials, ranging from premeditated murder to computer crimes. She also has significant experience defending federal agencies in employment discrimination matters.  

Shane has a robust pro bono practice, where she focuses on LGBTQ+ and veterans issues.