Recorder Highlights Orrick’s Approach to Retaining Top Staff Talent


In a feature that underscores the increasing importance of recruiting, retaining and advancing top staff talent in law firms, The Recorder interviewed Orrick’s Chief Operations Officer Laura Saklad. Laura discusses how recruiting and inspiring staff is a key element of Orrick’s approach to innovation.

“I think one of the reasons Orrick has been able to be a leader on innovation is our deep recognition of and respect for the value [that] professionals of many different backgrounds and expertise bring to the table,” Laura told The Recorder

As an example of Orrick’s focus on staff, the piece highlights our recently updated parental leave policy, noting that it ensures that “professional staff are getting the same benefits as attorneys.” Orrick set the bar among big law firms four years ago with an industry-leading parental leave policy that many firms have since followed. Orrick’s new policy offers all eligible parental caregivers – both staff and lawyers – 16 weeks of paid leave. In addition, a birth parent is eligible for another six to eight weeks of disability benefits (depending on whether she has a natural birth or cesarean section), for a total of up to 22-24 weeks.