Nationwide Juror Attitude Survey Results: A Startling Shift in Americans' Views

1 minute read

We know individual opinions and beliefs are more absolute than ever. But what are those current opinions and how do they impact juror attitudes?

Public attitudes shifted in light of recent unprecedented historic events—the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice movements, and significant political polarization. What impact does this attitude shift ultimately have on your business at trial?

To answer these questions and develop an approach on how best to communicate with people in our increasingly divided society, Orrick and Trial Partners, Inc. surveyed 1,000+ jury-eligible adults across the country. The results show a startling and dramatic shift in Americans' views on:

  • Large corporations
  • Companies in the technology and innovation, energy, and finance sectors
  • Whether our laws serve justice
  • Diversity
  • The importance of emotional connections to decision making

Companies facing jury trials, or simply looking to effectively position themselves in today’s market, have to be aware of these significant changes in the public’s worldviews. To hear more about our extensive research, detailed results and the strategies we have developed to ensure that you are accounting for this new world order inside and outside of the courtroom please contact your Orrick relationship attorney. Our team can offer a tailored presentation with findings on specific clients and industries, or a Q&A session with in-house counsel leadership.