A New Paradigm for Trial Teams – Embedding Appellate Lawyers at an Early Stage


In this New York Law Journal article, partner Andrew Silverman and associate Chris Cariello propose an innovative shift in the traditional model of trial team composition – calling for embedding appellate lawyers at an early stage to better shape future arguments for the appellate courts.

Andrew and Chris, members of our Supreme Court and Appellate practice, note that delays in trial court proceedings triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic have provided an ideal opportunity to consider change.

“At bottom, we’re convinced that clients who integrate their trial and appellate teams get representation that is more effective and efficient than those who don’t—representation that pairs the best trial advocates and the best brief writers, with everyone working to win in the trial court while seamlessly preparing for the appeal,” the article concludes. “The ongoing disruption in trials carries precious few silver linings, but the chance to reevaluate and revise old modes of doing things could prove one of them.”