Synopsys GC, Orrick Appellate Partner Andrew Silverman Discuss New “Secret Weapon” in Litigation with Law360


This Law360 article features Synopsys General Counsel Rick Runkel and Orrick appellate partner Andrew Silverman discussing the increasing trend of using appellate expertise at the trial court level to shape the toughest issues in complex litigation.

As the article notes, Synopsys and Orrick have collaborated in cases where this approach paid dividends. Andrew is a New York-based partner in the firm’s Supreme Court and Appellate Practice.

“There are a lot of cases where the situations are really a close call,” Rick told the publication. “It’s really helpful for someone to come in and marshal the breadth of authority, apply the facts and come up with what they think is the best analysis.”

Andrew added that the presence of appellate attorneys in the lower courts can send a strong message to the opposing party. “It signals to our adversary that we’re in it for the long haul,” he explained. “It says we think this issue is important. It also can send signals that are helpful for settlement purposes.”