The World in U.S. Courts:
Spring 2017

Decisions Discussed in This Issue

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International Trade/US Trade Sanctions
Labor & Employment

District Court Concludes that Singaporean Plaintiff Suffered Economic Injury in Singapore, and thus that no US “Domestic Injury” had been Alleged

Court of Appeals Suggests Plaintiffs Alleging RICO “Conspiracy” must show Domestic US Injury

District Court Finds Singaporean Plaintiff Suffered alleged Injury in Singapore, outside the Reach of Civil RICO

RICO Statute does not confer Personal Jurisdiction over Italian Defendant

District Court Finds no US “Domestic Injury” where US Actions allegedly Caused Injuries in Austria

District Court Concludes that US “Domestic Injury” did not Include US Judgment, and was not Present where Plaintiff Relinquished Goods to Third-Party Shipper in Turkey

District Court Upholds Indictment against FIFA Officials Charging Criminal Violations of RICO and Predicate Offenses Based in part on Extraterritorial Conduct

White Collar Criminal Law/Money Laundering
Personal Jurisdiction/Forum Non Conveniens

District Court Permits Discovery to Determine Whether Personal Jurisdiction Over Japanese Corporation and its US Subsidiary Exists

District Court finds Personal Jurisdiction over German Auto Executives who Personally Made and Approved allegedly Misleading Statements

Magistrate Judge Finds Personal Jurisdiction over non-U.S. Defendant based on Sales to, and Interactions with, a New York Authorized Dealer

Court of Appeals Declines to Enforce Subpoenas against Foreign Banks for Asset Information held at Branches Worldwide

Court of Appeals Holds that Palestinian Authority Enjoys Due Process Protections, and Cannot be Sued in US

District Court Finds Korean Defendant’s targeting of US Corporation Sufficient Basis for the Assertion of Specific personal Jurisdiction

District Court Finds Presence of Bahamian Witnesses and Third Parties Warrants Dismiss on Forum Non Conveniens Grounds

Court of Appeals Rejects “Agency” and “Alter Ego” Theories of Jurisdiction over Japanese Corporation

Court of Appeals Finds Jurisdiction over German Non-Practicing Entity Based on Delivery of Warning Letters and Visits to California

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