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Founder Legal Boot Camp
2024 Düsseldorf Edition

This is the fifth edition of Orrick’s Founder Legal Boot Camp in our Düsseldorf office, following a Munich edition in April 2024 – again together with RWTH Innovation, WHU Entrepreneurship Center and TUM Venture Labs.


Surviving Shareholder Activism

Persistently low stock prices, lagging financial and operational performance, media controversy, being subject to significant litigation and regulatory enforcement and low governance scores are just a few of the issues companies struggle with that may make them the target of shareholder activism. ...


The Escalating Cybersecurity Crisis: Countering Threats to U.S. Healthcare

The medical industry is currently grappling with a surge of cyber threats and security incidents that are putting sensitive patient information and essential services at risk. In the United States, the healthcare field has been particularly shaken by a series of recent ransomware attacks targeting ...