Orrick and BLX 2023 Post-Issuance Compliance Workshop

| November.16.2023 - November.17.2023 | 8:00am - 12:15pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Live @ 1 Hotel West Hollywood | Virtually Worldwide

Join us for a comprehensive overview of post-issuance tax law and SEC secondary market disclosure requirements for 501(c)(3) organizations and state and local government issuers who utilize tax-exempt financing. The workshop will be led by our 16-member team of BLX representatives and Orrick partners Marc Bauer, Charles Cardall, Cathleen Chang, Richard Chirls, Robyn Helmlinger, Ed Oswald, Aviva Roth, Larry Sobel, and John Wang.

Our dedicated sessions will focus on:

  • Post-issuance compliance overview
  • Understanding PBU rules and regulations
  • Sponsored research – rules and safe harbors
  • Management and service contracts – rules and safe harbors
  • Market update and outlook – debt issuance trends and investing bond proceeds
  • Arbitrage rebate compliance and the return of positive arbitrage
  • Quantifying PBU and utilizing qualified equity
  • Borrower perspective – our post-issuance compliance program
  • IRS enforcement and audits update
  • PBU – beyond compliance
  • Continuing disclosure and SEC Rule 15c2-12
  • 2022 IRS Schedule K review

A full agenda and event overview can be found here.

CLE Credits Available: Y