2023 TechGC Euro Summit

| November.02.2023

London Stock Exchange

The Future-Proofed GC: Overcome Today’s Challenges While Developing Processes For Tomorrow’s Success

Preparing for the world as it is going to be has never been more important than now. Orrick is proud to be sponsoring TechGC’s Euro Summit at the London Stock Exchange which will bring together general counsels from leading public companies and venture funds, as well as high growth companies.

Orrick Partners Anna Humphrey and Peter Sugden will each lead roundtable discussions. Anna Humphrey will co-lead a discussion about sustainable careers and combating burnout alongside Yasmin Mangalji, General Counsel at Advanced. Peter Sugden will co-lead a discussion with Sara Khan, General Counsel & GM of EMEA at LTN, titled “Navigating Inorganic Growth: From M&A to Venture Financing, and IPO Readiness”.