Global Experts Class Action & Mass Tort Conference: Privacy and Data Breach: Regulation and Safety

| April.28.2023

Central Hall Westminster

Douglas H. Meal led "Privacy and Data Breach: Regulation and Safety," a panel session at the Global Experts Class Action & Mass Tort Conference. With his fellow speakers, Doug discussed the question of how cyber experts and lawyers work together in data breach cases. He emphasized that these cases distinguish themselves from others because they are triggered by a third-party crime. To solve the crime, external forensic advice from data experts is indispensable. The session also covered the difficulties in starting class actions in data protection cases, which among other things stem from the fact that the quantification of harm is difficult. Additionally, the speakers discussed the importance of talking about cybercrime and the need to further take protective action. 

The Global Class Actions & Mass Torts Conference by Perfect Law LTD took place on 27-28 April 2023 at Westminster Central Hall, London. The event brought together over 200 eminent practitioners, academics, funders, experts, and service providers in the class actions and mass torts space from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and across Europe.