Global Class Actions Symposium 2021

The International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) & The Law Society of London

Speaking Engagement | November.16.2021 - November.17.2021


Seth Harrington led “The Role of the Lawyer in Class Actions,” a panel discussion at the Global Class Actions Symposium hosted at the Law Society of London. The Symposium brings together class actions specialists together with European and international practitioners, judges, regulators, academics, in-house lawyers, funders, claims administrators, economists and other experts to exchange knowledge and experience about class actions.

See our guide, United States (U.S.) Class Actions And United Kingdom (UK) Collective Actions, for more information and an analysis of U.S. class actions and UK collective actions. Drawing on Orrick’s experience in the well-established U.S. class actions landscape, we have drawn parallels between the U.S. and UK models, and considered how the strategies and tactics utilized in the U.S. can serve as a roadmap for clients facing collective actions in the English courts. View the video recording of Seth’s program here.