Sandpiper Partners’ 7th Annual Pricing and Profitability Conference

Speaking Engagement | October.19.2018 | 9am - 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)

HSBC Conference Center

On October 19th, Director of Orrick Analytics, Daryl Shetterly participated in Sandpiper Partners’ 7th Annual Pricing and Profitability Conference, Data Analytics, Data Discipline and Client Value.

Daryl spoke on a panel titled, “The Client View and The Client Proposition.” Among topics discussed included:

  1. How a legal department uses data, predictive analysis, outcome analysis
  2. Using data to drive client relationships
  3. Leveraging firm data to predict outcomes
  4. Using the client’s data to drive new value
    1. New areas of service
    2. Advising on program to reduce legal risk
    3. Forecasting using data science techniques
  5. Pricing and alternative fees
  6. Client feedback programs
  7. Billing the client
  8. Understanding the variety of profitability variables across service delivery, by client, by matter
  9. What the client needs and what the client wants?
  10. Cost of outside counsel guidelines
  11. Comparing and contrasting staffing levels
  12. New technology and getting software to “talk” to other firms’ systems
  13. Why are clients and firms unhappy about e-billing and outside counsel guidelines?