Legal Tech And AI – Inventing The Future

Northeast Information Governance Retreat

Speaking Engagement | June.26.2017

Salamandar Resort & Spa, Middleburg, VA

Wendy Butler Curtis, chair of Orrick’s eDiscovery & Information Governance group and Orrick Analytics, will speak as part of a panel discussion, "Legal Tech and IT – Inventing the Future" at the Northeast Information Governance Retreat June 26th.

Panel Discussion Description:

While AI/Machine Learning systems are becoming more “intelligent” and ever-present in today’s products, our approach to interacting with these systems is in its infancy and we have a lot to learn. From production to discovery, litigation hold to forensics, the legal sector - with its complex processes and ever growing volumes of information - is well poised radical change. While the results of AI systems are touted far and wide, less attention has been paid to the ways in which users should interact with the output, let alone the AI systems themselves. The value of such systems is directly correlated to the end-user and workflow product utility, as well as the underlying human-computer interaction dynamics. We’ll discuss the status quo of AI in law, the origins of the limitations in today’s technology, and how to “invent the future.” We’ll look at how Merriam Tech solutions for large scale document review and management is opening the door for intelligent systems and bringing AI to the legal sector.