Europe's New NIS Directive & Data Protection Regulations: Preparing for Cyber & Data Security Obligations

Webinaire | March.30.2016 | 11am - 12pm (Eastern Standard Time)


Orrick partner Aravind Swaminathan will be speaking on the comp webinar "Europe's New NIS Directive & Data Protection Regulations: Preparing for Cyber & Data Security Obligations," hosted by NYSE & Palo Alto Networks.

Together, panelists will discuss:

  • What the EU is trying to achieve with these laws- what do they want companies to do differently?
  • Who do the laws cover, when will they come into effect, and what are their security-related obligations?
  • How should companies, including those doing business transatlantically, prepare for their oncoming obligations? What strategies should be in place?  What have other international companies done to prepare and communicate?
  • What might be the legal consequences of non-compliance? 




  • Finance Sector
  • Technology & Innovation Sector
  • Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
  • Class Action Defense
  • White Collar, Investigations, Securities Litigation & Compliance
  • Investigations internationales et mesures d'application
  • Procès
  • Strategic Advisory & Government Enforcement (SAGE)

Aravind Swaminathan Partner

Seattle; Boston

As a strategic cybersecurity advisor, Aravind partners with clients to proactively plan for a crisis and develop strategies to improve resiliency, respond efficiently and effectively, protect their business and brand, and defend them in the onslaught of litigation and enforcement actions that follow. He guides organizations from large public company financial institutions to start-up technology companies to critical infrastructure providers through incidents, and develops business- and brand-centric strategies to mitigate and manage risk. He has directed more than 200 cybersecurity incident and data breach investigations, including enterprise-wide network intrusions to cyberattacks with national security implications. 

With extensive trial, litigation and appellate experience, he defends his clients in cyber, privacy, and payments related class actions and other civil litigation (particularly Computer Fraud and Abuse Act matters), and in when these issues lead to regulatory investigations by the SEC, DOJ, FTC, and State Attorneys General.   

Aravind’s background as an Assistant United States Attorney and Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Section attorney gives him first-hand understanding of federal agencies that allows him to swiftly navigate the system, partner with investigators and find creative solutions for his clients. As a federal cybercrime prosecutor, Aravind investigated and prosecuted a broad array of cybercrime cases, including hacking, phishing, trade secrets theft, click fraud, cyber threats, and identity theft. Aravind also led the cybercrime outreach program, where he worked with members of the Department of Justice, state and federal regulators, law enforcement and other organizations on cybersecurity and related privacy issues. During his time as federal prosecutor in the Complex Crimes Unit, he also investigated and prosecuted a wide array of white-collar crimes, including investment schemes, corporate fraud and embezzlement, securities fraud, tax evasion and the nation’s largest bank failure.