Patrizio Messina and Alessandro De Nicola Named Among Italy’s Top 50 Lawyers for 2019


Congratulations to Patrizio Messina and Alessandro De Nicola on once again being recognized as two of the most influential and powerful lawyers in Italy, according to a list published by Legalcommunity. The annual list ranks the top 50 lawyers in Italy based on their reputation, management skills, strategic vision, professional network and impact on the media.

Patrizio is #11 on this year’s list (up four spots from last year), which recognizes him for innovation in the finance markets, including helping World Bank introduce a minibond market to West African countries, and leading Italian banks through some of the most important NPL transactions.

Alessandro is #16 on this year’s list, up three spots from last year. Legalcommunity cited his client work and thought leadership, including leading the development of an online whistleblowing tool for clients in Italy and their employees.