Matthew Steranko

Project Attorney

Wheeling, W.V. (GOIC)

Matthew Steranko is a member of the Orrick Analytics group. The group specializes in driving legal innovation through collaboration with the firm's various firm practice groups utilizing new legal technology and unique workflows.

Mathew works to drive legal innovation across practice groups including both litigation and corporate services practice groups.

He works with corporate attorneys to increase efficiency and reduce costs for client services. His work focuses on emerging and public companies, with projects ranging from M&A due diligence reviews, capitalization table audits, corporate audits and various projects associated with IPOs and public disclosure obligations.

He also works with litigation attorneys and third party vendors to manage the review and production of documents relevant to investigations and litigation. Matthew's work includes using early case assessment technology to analyze, categorize and cull data. He also manages teams of specialists performing document review, redaction, analysis, production and drafting privilege logs. Matthew assists the litigation team to prepare for trial, including drafting deposition summaries, factual memoranda and exhibit charts.

Matthew frequently works with other Orrick attorneys on pro bono projects involving Human Rights and Public International legal issues.